The P92JS - low operating costs and easy to fly

The P92 JS is a two-seater side by side, single strut braced, high wing aircraft. The aircraft's outstanding performance and flying qualities together with low operating costs, easy piloting and maintenance, make this aircraft an excellent choice for flying schools and training activities and also for many other missions such as touring, territory surveillance, patrol, etc.

The option to use AVGAS 100LL or unleaded MOGAS ASTM D4814-EN/228 SUPER make the P92 JS even more flexible and economical. The P92 JS has been type certified in December 2001 in compliance with CS-VLA. The engine and propeller are certified to FAR 33.

Several well known research institutes have chosen the JS as a platform for research into automated systems for conducting flight and environmental research and are very satisfied with it.


P92JS Specification / Price List

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