Introducing the P2006T: the affordable four seat, twin engine aeroplane for the price of a single!


We are delighted to be able to introduce to the UK and Ireland General Aviation arena the latest offering for Italy's premier aerospace 'guru' Professor Luigi Pascale, the P2006T.

The P2006T is in a class of its own, bringing affordable multi-engine flying to aero-clubs, flying schools, syndicates and personal aeroplane owners. Unbeatable value, coupled with low operating and ownership costs, innovative design and Italian styling. With our partnership with Rotax and its '912S' engines and a Garmin equipped glass cockpit the P2006T has a great environmental story too, be it its remarkable fuel saving offering or lower noise emissions.

Design options offer you a choice between glass or analogue cockpit.

The P2006T is truly a 'Very Light Twin' with an outstanding payload to maximum weight ratio. Not only is its robust aluminium airframe lighter than many composite designs, it is far more economic to operate than most single engine four seat aeroplanes. The P2006T offers all the benefits of a twin, such as higher margins of safety for those over the water journeys. Its high wing configuration offers stability, superior cabin visibility and easy access for both passengers and luggage. Yes it's roomier, too!

A real game changer, British and Irish flying schools will now be able to offer a modern high performance twin trainer be it for aspiring commercial pilots or any of us wanting a multi-engine rating at prices similar to single engine aeroplanes.

The proposition for prospective private owners is a twin for the operating cost of a single, that burns significantly less fuel than many singles, yet offers the improved performance and safety of a second power plant and it only requires the same hangar space as a Cessna 172, unlike say the longer winged DA.42!

The P2006T all metal four-seater, has a useful load of 400 Kg, yet still only weighs in at 1,230 Kg MTOW. Powered by two Rotax four cylinder 912S engines of 100 hp each and turning constant speed propellers, it offers a cruise speed of 140 KTAS and a climb rate in excess of 1,100 feet per minute.

This light twin will cruise at 145 KTAS at 75% power with a fuel flow of 36 litres per hour. At 65% power it's just 28 litres per hour. That's the total for both engines! The propellers turn at 2,000 rpm in the cruise, reducing noise levels compared to conventional piston engines. So the aeroplane is a good neighbour too.

Whether you are looking to replace your existing twin or are only now realising that you too can truly own a P2006T with the running costs of a single, we challenge you to find better value elsewhere. Compare the Rotax 912S against the Lycoming O-360 or check fuel burn costs against a Cessna 172SP, the Cirrus SR20, the Piper PA.28-161 or even the Diamond DA.42. The P2006T outstrips all these competitors in many areas including endurance and range. Four seats, 350 litres of luggage space and the safety and reassurance of two engines.

We are very proud of our association with Tecnam. Its Managing Director, Paolo Pascale, is continuing to successfully build on a heritage of over 65 years of aviation design excellence and there is no doubt that the P2006T is a remarkable and unbeatable offering to challenge any fan of single-engine aeroplanes.



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