The P2008JC - innovation, style and advanced technology.

Carbon fibre meets metal with innovation, style, and advanced technology to create a new aircraft line by Tecnam. The latest 2-seat addition to the Tecnam line is the P2008 CS-VLA. The Tecnam lineage is apparent in the P2008JC CS-VLA which includes several exciting additions over standard P2008 used in other non-EASA areas of the World.

The day / night certified P2008JC CS-LSA has metal wings and a metal stabilator. Tecnam chose to keep the metal wing and stabilator structures for strength, reliability and for its ability to flex in flight, providing a more comfortable ride. Also, from a flight school perspective, any “hangar rash” to wing tips or tail feathers can easily be dealt with by most engineering facilities. To produce the desired increase in cabin width and greater aerodynamic efficiency, as well as reduce drumming noise,  Tecnam chose carbon fibre for the fuselage.

The fuel-sipping Rotax powerplant and associated cowlings are similar to all of the existing Tecnam line with few modifications. The P2008 CS-VLA has high capacity fuel tanks (55x2 litres).The fuel tanks are installed in the wing box, behind the main spar, in order to preserve their integrity in case of an incident and to minimize fire hazard.

The instrument panel size is increased from other Tecnam models due to the increase in cabin width. It is modular in design and can thus accommodate the exciting Garmin G3X dual screen system in addition to the more traditional analogue dials. The P2008JC standard fit includes BOTH glass and analogue on the one panel. The usual Mode S transponder and Garmin Nav/Com completes the radio stack.

The P2008 has become very popular with Flight Schools in many countries. Air France uses this model for its own group of schools. In UK the P2008JC model has already been selected by both schools and private owners due to its modern facilities, large cabin, reduced running costs (fuel burn, maintenance labour costs and spare parts) and genuinely very pleasant handling. It’s a great private tourer and a perfect ab initio trainer. 

The instrument panel size is increased from other Tecnam models due to the increase in cabin width. It is modular in design and can thus accommodate most instrumentation requests, either analogue or digital flight decks.

OMEGA Flight Training (Shoreham) is the launch customer for operating the P2008JC model in UK.  

Stapleford Flight Centre has now selected two of the P2008JC model as additions to its large training fleet.



G-TNDR delivery. Omega's Head of Training, Martyn Blunden is pictured here accepting the new aircraft from Tecnam UK's Tim Orchard.











G-TSFC and G-JSFC are Stapleford Flight Training’s new babies. See the delivery flight description in the Flight Training News article, below.








G-ZOOB is the first privately owned P2008JC in UK. Read about the delivery flight to UK in the PILOT magazine article attached, below.











G-OTUK is Tecnam UK’s P2008JC demonstrator. Please call so that we can meet you, fly with you and enable us to show your school or partners just what a delightful aeroplane this is











PILOT ferry flight adventure P2008jc August 2015

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