As the sole authorised Tecnam Service Centre for the UK, ATS Engineering is the perfect place to bring your Tecnam aircraft for routine or ad hoc maintenance / certification.


To continue Tecnam UK's ideals of ensuring that the customer is always happy, we have teamed-up with world-renowned maintenance organisation, ATS Engineering. Our combined wealth of expertise and enthusiasm is hard to match worldwide and almost impossible to beat. 

Chief Engineer Jerry Parr has made many visits to the Tecnam factory in Italy and is fully conversant with all things Tecnam....... singles and multis, high-wing and low-wing.  Jerry was so impressed with the Rotax engine used in Tecnam aircraft that he decided to build an aeroplane of his own... just so that he could ride behind one !

With instant access to both the design approval's team and to the technical advice department within Tecnam, the Tecnam Service Centre's engineers cannot be bettered in UK for accurate and timely advice about your Tecnam.

If the UK's Tecnam Service Centre personnel cannot answer your query from purely personal experience with the type, then the answer can be quickly sought for you from the factory.

Tecnam holds a large inventory of spare parts and can also offer a next day delivery service of in-stock spares direct to you.

A brief chat by telephone and / or an order placed by e-mail to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   will solicit a rapid resopnse.

The cost of Tecnam spares, being priced in Euros and without the disbenefit of freighting across The Pond, will come as a pleasant surprise to those who have been more used to USA-based purchases.

Rotax engine spare parts are both held in stock at the UK's Tecnam Service Centre and can also be obtained from the UK's Rotax Agent. 

Routine and ad hoc maintenance is ATS Engineering's bread and butter and has been for 25 years. They really do know what they're doing and have the accolade of the sole Tecnam Service Centre for the UK. This really does mean that the Tecnam Senior Management also agrees and approves their knowledge and standards.

There is both a great breadth and also a great wealth of engineering expertise in-house. All manner of aircraft are maintained here, ranging from twin-turbines, through many piston singles and multis, to Red Bull racers and homebuilt aeroplanes. The staff include CAA, FAA and LAA Qualified and Licenced Engineers. Most of the engineering staff fly aeroplanes and some spend their off-duty time flying remote controlled aeroplanes and helicopters.......... there's no shortage of aviation experience, expertise or enthusiasm.

Aeroplanes turned-out from maintenance at the UK Tecnam Service Centre are always spick and span. Don't even think of muddy floors and dirty airframes ! Here you will find experts who love their job and take huge pride in presenting the newly maintained or newly certified aircraft to its owner in better condition than when it arrived. You could not be more pleased with this keen team of enthusiastic professionals........ come and try them !


Tecnam Service Centre for UK:


ATS Engineering:  
Managing Director: Nigel Huxtable
Chief Engineer: Jerry Parr
Tecnam maintenance e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tecnam parts e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Telephone: 01494 473664